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"When your luck is good, your life is good!"


Learn to SIGNIFICANTLY improve your karma to create MORE LUCK, ease, and happiness in your life!

  • FREE guided meditation video tutorial

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3 Simple Steps:

  1. Watch the Guided Step-by-Step Meditation Video Tutorial (12 minute video). 

  2. After understanding the meditation video tutorial instructions, turn off the meditation video tutorial.

  3. Now play the meditation audio mp3 and use it with the breath and visualization techniques you learned in the meditation video tutorial.




Helping you reach a euphoric state of meditation as taught by the great spiritual masters of India is one of my most important life ambitions.

Click here for your FREE Guided Meditation Video Tutorial & FREE soothing beautiful yet powerful meditation mantra mp3 that is very transformational :)

I use a version of this same meditation in a "guided meditaton format" for my clients who do not want to go it alone with the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach.


If you feel comfortable with the DIY approach yet would like a little guidance or have any questions please feel free to email me or schedule a FREE Clarity Discovery Call from my calendar on my website.

If you want a "full service" approach, please reach out to me to schedule a 1-on-1 private video call session at your convenience through my website ... but be sure to click here first for a FREE 50% OFF Coupon for 1st time clients. 

Always here to help,

Ravi Singh

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