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How you get "amazing results"

"When you need to have Amazing results, then you need to access your Spiritual component.  Your Spiritual component is powerful!  It is magical!  It is also very easy to misunderstand and neglect.  Lucky for us, Grandmaster's teachings focus on activating a strong connection with our Spiritual component.  Get ready for Amazing results!" - Ravi Singh


Ravi's Grandmaster

Meet Ravi Singh's Magical Mystical Enlightened Grandmaster...

They don't get more magical then these Enlightened Masters!  Theses Enlightened Masters have evolved to the highest development of a human being, "the egoless state".  They are beyond the physical laws we live by. They are beyond even the Laws of Nature.  They are Ascended Masters.


There are those who seem to have a spark.


Their presence is so blissful you can feel it.


You can tell they have discovered something different… something sublimley happy.


Perhaps it’s the calming affect of their aura near yours ... perhaps a glow in their eyes… or something intangible that can’t quite be placed?


Their energy seems to be drawing on something from another world.


A world that you believe exists, that you may have even experienced for yourself.


This is the realm of the Spiritual Masters and we invite you to join us on a Spiritual Journey to its inner reaches, to unlock the sacred Divine Loving connection within us all, so that we may flow more of its magical qualities of health & happiness into all aspects of our lives and communities.


There is a great change coming.



Priceless are these True "Meditative" Masters.


They are our gateway to happiness!


They reveal to us the True Spiritual path otherwise shielded from our normal vision.


They seem to speak the Divine happiness love language our hearts have been yearning to express.


Their teachings have been described as a boat to fairy us across turbulent waters. They watch and reach out for our outreached hands to pull us out of the impassible world ocean. 


Living the life of a "meditative" master is not a mythical fantasy --


Every one of us has the power to walk the True Spiritual Path of these "meditative" masters that removes stress, anxiety and depression in our life, while creating great optimism and happiness for us.


In fact, it is your birthright to join them on the spiritual path to bliss. They give us the actions that cause us to spiritually grow.  It is no accident your life is beginning to move in this direction.


Your heart is calling and you are ready to elevate your spiritual evolution for more happiness in your life.


Ravi with his Grandmaster

"Somehow this magical Enlightened Grandmaster found me 27 years ago and my life was forever changed".

Ravi Singh with his Grandmaster of 27 years, then and now...


"When reflecting on the blessings of happiness you have lead me to, my eyes always tear with joy. The student of a true guru is always held, protected, nurtured, strengthened, and blessed beyond any expectation.  I now know the importance of a true guru and the love bond shared with their student.  Endless thank you to you Grandmaster, words cannot communicate my gratitude." - Ravi Singh.

My daughters hamming it up and enjoying the attention from Grandmaster oh so long ago :)


Distance Healing Sessions

Does distance matter?

No, distance doesn’t matter with energy work.  Everything in our Universe is connected by energetic “threads”.  When we work directly with pure energies, physical space or distance isn’t a factor.  During a distance session there is a direct connection between the client and practitioner regardless of the actual physical distance between these two individuals.  I’ve personally done sessions (over the phone) with clients on the other side of the country (as far as 3000 miles away :)